Please check the FAQ before contacting us.


● No documents arrive!
We have been studying overseas races and are trying to be environmentally friendly and eco-friendly and paperless. No documents are sent to Internet applicants. On the day, we will confirm your application by name at the venue reception.
Trail running is an outdoor sport that enjoy beautiful nature. We hope you understand the purpose.

● About parking lot
Please check about access.

● Completion certificate
Please download the certificate of completion.

● Change room & luggage storage
The change room & luggage storage will be prepared on the second floor of the building opposite the Kur house Tainasi. Please take care of your valuables and luggage.
* Be available from 6:00 on the race day.

Trail Runners Secretariat

Phone: +81-258-66-7991
FAX: +81-258-86-6362