Greeting from organization for 2021 edition

We are pleased to announce that we were able to hold the 2021 edition with the understanding of the local people, although it was only limited to Niigata residents.

2021/05/23 (Sun)
● 31km/18km

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the local people who accepted the event, as many of the events have been cancelled.

In 2020, we could not held race in KUSHIGATA mountains. In 2021, even thought racers were limited to Niigata residents, we were be able to held here in KUSHIGATA mountains. In 2022, we really hope we would be able to have KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL with everyone from all over the world.

By the way, KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL, hey, where is the wind?




In 2021, our executives committee have decided the date of the event. The entry is open only to racers living in Niigata Prefecture.

Date 2021/05/23 Sun
Eligibility for entry:
* The entry is open only to racers living in Niigata Prefecture
・Healthy men and women over high school students
・Must be able to finish within the time limit without losing track.



Greeting from organization for 2020 alternative event

It's a gratitude to all for 2020 alternative event among this world crisis.

We organized an alternative race of KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL 2020 as following dates,

KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL alternative race
Date Sunday, November 1st (Sun)

It's a limited race just for local runners who are living in this area.

Hopefully we can meet you guys from all over the world as soon as the world crisis has ended.

KUSHIGATA mountain range is always there in your mind and waiting for real meeting time in the future. Sometimes time feels to go slowly but from a natural standpoint, just a moment.

By the way, KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL, hey, where is the wind?



Cancellation in KUSHIGATA mountain range and alternative event in November

Cancellation in KUSHIGATA mountain range and alternative event in November


We have made preparations for the postponement of this event, but we have decided to cancel the event in KUSHIGATA mountain range.

We have been coordinating with related parties and aiming to postpone holding within the year, we have been considering application methods and new attempts at other venues, but the recent COVID-19 infection situation are still very difficult to hold the competition while ensuring health and safety as the highest priority.

In the nature of Niigata, in the course where you can feel the beauty of KUSHIGATA mountain range, we made various efforts to provide a place to share the beautiful time, but we could not find the proper method according to this year's policy of each related organization.

We would like to thank all those who made entry for this event from the bottom of our heart. But we are deeply sorry for being unable to provide everybody who has spent the days of training looking forward to the day of the event with the opportunity to show their daily efforts. We sincerely apologize for the fact that the negotiations have been difficult and the announcement itself has become very late.

Participation fees for this tournament will be refunded through "paypal", excluding administrative fees.

In order to refund as much participation fee as possible to all runners, we will refrain from sending participation prizes. By the end of November, you will receive an e-mail from us or get refund through paypal.

In addition, in order to make some hope for KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL 2021, we will once again plan following alternative Race just for local runners.

KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL 2020 alternative Race

Date Sunday, November 1sh (Sun)
Capacity: 200 people
Participation qualification A person who is a resident of Niigata prefecture and is a high school student or older on the day of the race can finish under the time limit.
Category Overall and Over 50's
Prize 1st-3rd
Start way Time difference starts every 5 seconds
Reception place: 1950-1, Aza-Mitsumata, Miyamoto-Tohocho, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, 940-2082 ECHIGO Hillsides Park
Entry period 2020/09/29 (Wed)-2020/10/21 (Wed)

Announced on this website as soon as details are decided

We prepare for the event of 2021 so that we can meet you.
We kindly ask you for your understanding and cooperation.

Through KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL, we will continue to help people reach their dreams and goals by feeling the joy of trail running in the mountains, and releasing yourself. Thank you for your continued support of KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL.



Cancellation in May


We sincerely would like to express deep sympathy to everyone around the world who died from this novel coronavirus.
We also sincerely pray for the recovery of all those who affected, and of all those currently in a difficult situation.

By the way, we has been preparing for the event while closely monitoring the status of the novel coronavirus and national situation. In this meantime, yesterday, the national government made a emergency declaration. It's very difficult to provide an environment where runners , families, volunteers, and local people can enjoy with peace of mind. Hence, "KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL 2020", which was scheduled on 05/24, is canceled.

We have been discussing how to held it. We have been working hard every day to find the necessary solutions, making area limit of runners, transportation limit for runners, organization procedure. However, no matter what measures are taken, it is truth that new risk of infection occur in TAINAI where race venue has still no infection of the novel coronavirus.

Runners who training hard for this and their families who have been preparing for this, such as schedule adjustments, everyone who plan to volunteer on the day, and local people who have made an effort to work on "hospitality" will be greatly appreciated. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding of this severe situation.

The schedule of the race includes postpone date will be announced as soon as it's decided after discussion with related organizations. It will be made until end of May.

In the future, we will prepare the best stage where runners can feel wind and be one with nature here at MT.KUSHIGATA. We will share the excitement and provide an forgettable opportunity to change the lives of everyone involved. Thank you for your continued support of KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL. SEE YOU SOON on the trail.

Be stronger and be tougher, all my friends!



Registration Open & Homepage Renewal for 2022

In 2022, July 24th, KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL 2022 will be held in Tainai, Niigata, JAPAN. We really appreciate all who support this event from hart content.

On 20th December 12:00 (Japan time), KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL 2022 all category registration open. And the official homepage has renewed. For the race details, refer to following link.

In 2022, KUSHIGATA mountains, Tainai, JAPAN, we would like to share the special time with all. We really hope this event will be the great opportunity to explore another world, JAPAN. We're looking forward to seeing you, here, Tainai, KUSHIGATA mountains.