* The entry is open only to racers living in Niigata Prefecture.
The information below is for the 2020 KUSHIGATA WIND TRAIL

『Life has changed! 』
I would like to increase such a person by trail runners alone.

A lot of people who come to such a sports event for the first time are also planning to come.
I think that it is bright and friendly to be touched by those participants who are a bit nervous about it a little so that they first came to such an event for the first time and talked to themselves at that time.
We are looking for volunteers who can approve of this purpose by saying that!
If you would like to volunteer, please contact the e-mail with the name of the tournament you can participate, name and contact information clearly stated.

Application Requirements

Offering content
Reception, course guidance etc. (Mountain course guidance, people who can rescue sweeper, welcome!)
* We will consult in advance about work details in advance. Please tell me your request.
Eligibility for entry
Healthy men and women aged 18 and over, those who are interested in trail running * You, people who love experienced mountains, nurses and emergency life-saving people are welcome!
Participation benefits
● The North Face and co-sponsors original goods, gifts etc. Various gifts are prepared for each competition.
● Meals provided during the race operation period.
Application method
Please apply by e-mail.
Application deadline
Up to 1 month before the event date
Please bear the transportation expenses to the site by yourself. Personal information at the time of application is not used except for this event.
Trail Runners Secretariat
Email: staff@kushigatawindtrail.com
Phone: +81-258-66-7991
FAX: +81-258-86-6362